Local Administration Playing Dangerous Game: Geelani

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Senior separatist leader and Chairman Hurriyat (G) Syed Ali Geelani on Monday criticized the ‘suppressive measures of administration’ and warned of the repercussions.

Syed Ali Geelani File Photo, Bilal Bahadur

Quoting Geelani spokesman said: “The local administration is playing a very dangerous game and situation can very well go out of hands by this high handedness of their policy”.

Geelani was presiding the meeting of executive council of amalgam and according to the spokesman it was attended by all constituents of the APHC and unanimously a programme was chalked out to carry on-going movement.

Quoting Geelani, Terming the foiling of seminar as state terrorism Geelani said, “On one side India is beating the drum of democracy, on the other they are muzzling the voice of people by dint of gun”.

According to the spokesperson, the representatives from respective parties while criticizing the ban on the proposed seminars on 6th & 10th November, strongly castigated the highhandedness of state administration  and said that they are trying to create a political vacuum and are bent upon to  disturb the system so that  pro freedom parties and their politics do not prevail.

“There is no doubt, that they want to create political instability in Jammu and Kashmir and New Delhi wants to create a vacuum and fill it with their puppets”, the spokesperson said.

“It was observed in the executive council that local administration has only one point programme, follow the dictates of Delhi Government and Omer Abdullah led administration has no option but to follow the dictates.”, the spokesperson said.
Declaring the Omer Abdullah a weak chief minister the statement said that he has announced a war against people of Jammu and Kashmir and ‘these suppressive measures will not deter us from our duty ,we are not afraid and we have decided to face come what may’.

“They have failed and we will represent the aspirations of our people”.

According to the statement, the executive council declared: “Delhi is ruling Kashmir and law and justice is tarnished and Omer Abdullah is obeying the orders of Delhi like an employee.”

However, Geelani said the ‘pressure tactics’ will not deter us. “We will organize our agitation in any way and mobilize public against the evil designs of Amarnath Shrine Board. We will continue to reach out to various sections of society including intellectuals, lawyers, traders, transporters, students,” statement said.

Taking a dig at New Delhi for its ‘double standards,’ Geelani said, “Fifty times more yatries come to Kashmir as compared to the past and our demand is that the number of yatries be contained and the administration of the Shrine Board handed over to local Pandits.”

Taking the serious note of the ailing Dr Qasim Faktoo Geelani warned the Government on this issue.  “The responsibility lies on administration. We cannot tolerate any bad intentions as per health of ailing Qasim Faktoo is concerned”, he said.


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