Locals Nab Drug Peddler in Makhdoom Sahab Area

Zafar Aafaq


Sharaab Bottles
The Facebook video grab.

Vigilant Srinagarities Sunday turned cops when they caught hold of drug peddler in Makhdoom sahab area.

A video which is doing rounds of social networking site, Facebook, shows a youth who identifies himself as Feroz Ahmad of Kursoo Rajbagh is having liquor bottles in his lap.

Feroz Ahmad
The drug peddler.

Clad in Pheran, the locals ask the drug peddler what he was doing in the area and wherefrom he bought the liquor bottles. “These are lifesaving drugs and I bought them from Dalgate,” answers the locals.

“I have come to this place (Makhdoom Sahib) for Tamboke,” he tells the people who have gathered around him pleading them to let him go. The Tamboke he refers to his a packet of Charas.

While he is pleading for his “innocence”, the locals find the auto he had used to reach the place. The number of the auto has been mutilated.

(Zafar Aafaq is an Intern with Kashmir Life.)


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