Lurking ‘House Collapse’ Fear Forces Lal Bazaar Residents to Come on Road

KL Report


A defunct drainage system in Kanitar area of Srinagar’s Lal Bazaar forced residents to come on road Thursday and protested against the government’s “inability” to swiftly act on the matter.

In protest, angry residents has blocked the road and thereby triggered a huge traffic mess in the area.

“The drainage water is already inside our gardens, kitchen, drawing rooms and bedrooms,” an angry resident said. “Are authorities waiting to see our houses to get collapse before acting on the matter?”

On Wednesday, one house in the area collapsed due to defunct drainage system.

Pertinently, one of the major factors that triggered ‘flood panic’ among the people of Srinagar and elsewhere is defunct drainage system—that has water-logged many areas.

“Not only this faulty drainage troubles our houses whenever it rains,” said a protesting resident of Kanitar, “but it gives a bad name to our locality.”


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