Madni appeals Pak, Hurriyat to be part of peace initiative


PDP Vice President Mohammad Sartaj Madni has said that involvement of Pakistan and Hurriyat in resolving the Kashmir problem can become a reality soon and expressed hope that both will respond to new Delhi’s offer and help relieve people of the subcontinent from agonies and suffering.

Addressing a public gathering at Kulgam he said Indo-Pak confrontation and perpetual insurgency have wrought havoc and people of Jammu and Kashmir have suffered the worst. Madni said it was a tragedy repeating that an effective process the Vajpayee- Musharaf initiative set in motion ending hostilities in 2002  was brought to a halt after a successful start. The results are for everyone to see.

He said there is a cold war situation perpetuated.  Indo-Pak borders are witness to displacements and deaths. Hinterlands of the state are wrapped in anger and violence. A dismayed generation is in a defying state. In such a scenario no stakeholder can and should run away from owning responsibility to contribute to ice- breaking for peace and resolution.

Madni said PDP leadership has been consistent in their effort to create a conducive atmosphere for dialogue at various levels. The present leadership is doing its best to plead for sustainable moves which could help engage all concerned into a meaningful activity for peace and reconciliation. He said agenda of the alliance is an open evidence of what PDP stands for.

Madni said despite difficulties our party has not fallen short of its resolve to persuade all stakeholders for a movement forward on problem resolutions. He said Mehboobaji made an offer of dialogue on her own exhibiting her intentions and approach. Unfortunately, no one responded. State suffered as a result immensely.

He said she continued to exhort upon Delhi the meaning of dialogue for people of the state and people of the sub-continent. But intervening developments hampered and sufferings compounded. He said yet again against all odds she convened All Party Conference which luckily culminated into ceasefire announcement from New Delhi. Now when more than two weeks have passed the unilateral ceasefire in operation, people have taken a sigh of relief despite militants, Pakistan and Hurriyat expressing cynicism.

Madni said the latest ceasefire move has now become all the more meaningful move as it is followed by essentially a much bigger move in the offer of dialogue to Pakistan and Hurriyat from New Delhi. This has set an optimistic mood in the state and across. This is an opportunity which should not waste.

Madni said given the example of results yielded by Vajpayee- Musharaf peace process, the new initiatives are seen as an emulation of a golden period. Appealing Hurriyat to facilitate the process and asking Pakistan not to miss the bus, Madni said people of Jammu and Kashmir should not be let down and should not be made victims of obsessions, intransigence or political expediency. He said ever since Jammu and Kashmir has been ridden into conflict and India and Pakistan have remained inimical to each other, voices of peace have yet been heard for jettisoning the path of violence and confrontation.

Unfortunately, on several occasions of hope and optimism, both countries and the local separatists squandered the opportunities at our peril. Now is the time that such tragedies are not repeated, Madni said adding both Pakistan and Hurriyat should get engaged with Delhi without loss of time.

Madni appealed the civil society and youth of Kashmir to come forward at this critical juncture and help create a common ground for peace and resolution. It is our obligation to facilitate the Indo-Pak friendship which can serve our interest and interest of subcontinent.

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