Mahatma Gandhi Had No Degree: LG Sinha

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha on Thursday while speaking about Mahatma Gandhi stated that the iconic leader did not possess any degree in law or any other field.

During an event at ITM University in Gwalior to commemorate Martyr’s Day on March 23, Sinha asserted that Mahatma Gandhi, who worked as a barrister during the apartheid era in South Africa, did not possess a law degree, but only a high school diploma. However, Sinha acknowledged that Gandhi had met the requirements to practice law, despite not having a law degree from any university.

The LG of Jammu and Kashmir stated that despite Mahatma Gandhi’s triumph over great obstacles throughout his life, there is a “misunderstanding” among some educated individuals that he held a law degree, which is incorrect. He also mentioned that although some individuals may disagree with his statements, he was simply presenting factual information.


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