Maiden Coil Embolization of Cerebral Aneurysm Surgery At Noora Hospital


SRINAGAR: At Noora Hospital, the first Coil Embolization surgery was conducted today under the supervision of Dr Parvez. With this intervention, the hospital management claimed Noora Hospital became the first hospital in Jammu and Kashmir to conduct this procedure.

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Mohammad Abbas Mir, resident of the remote Uri belt said his wife complained of a severe headache and was rushed to the hospital. “We were very worried and then we met Dr Parvez,” Mir was quoted saying by a hospital hand-out. “The doctor examined this situation carefully and decided to conduct the surgery in Srinagar.” The hospital said the surgery was successful and the patient recovered.

A brain aneurysm is a secure out-pouching of the arteries of the brain, a sort of ballooning in a blood vessel. The treatment of the aneurysm is done by endovascular coil Embolization, using this platinum wire-like coils to fill the aneurysm from inside and obliterating it. The surgery is performed by going through the right femoral artery in the groin and using different catheters and wires coils in the Aneurysm.


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