Mainstream Parties Forgot ‘Communal’ BJP, Concerned about Power Only: Hurriyat G

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Terming the PDP, NC and other pro-Indian political parties as ‘unprincipled, power hungry and selfish’, All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G) said that their first and last goal is to achieve the power and for this, they can go to ‘any extent’.

“During the campaigning of recently held election drama, these parties were although talking high in the favour of Kashmir and its people but during the so-called government formation they are busy in the run of getting ministerial berths and they have thrown all these promises and words into the dustbin,” Hurriyat (G) statement said on Monday.

Hurriyat (G) spokesperson Ayaz Akbar said that during the election campaigning, all these parties although termed the BJP as communal and prohibited party and termed the Narendra Modi as ‘killer of the innocent Muslims of Gujarat’ but “in the worry of forming the government, they have forgotten all those words and they are now concerned with the power only, howsoever it will come”.

“The role of these parties since 1947 has never been in the favour of Kashmir or its people and Article 370 towards which they are frequently referring to, has been rendered hollow by these parties theselves and it is today mentioned in papers only and appears nowhere on the ground,” Akbar said.

While commenting over their policy of delaying the so-called government formation, the Hurriyat spokesperson said, “these people are senior players in the field of politics and by doing this they want to give an impression to the common people that they are very much concerned for the betterment of the people.”

He added that the delay caused in the so-called government formation is not due to the ideological differences between them but it is due to the ‘materialistic differences because every party wants maximum share in the cabinet so that they can have maximum benefits’.

“They are more concerned towards the funds than the honor, dignity and the benefits of the common Kashmiries,” Akbar said.

“These daily wagers of India are fully aware of this fact that the BJP is proceeding with a mission and they will only use them in implementation of their own agenda in Kashmir,” he further said adding, “NC has although played their role in the BJP government in the past and as a home minister of India, Mufti Sayeed has proven that their status is nothing but the helpers of New Delhi and their politics has no principle and no clear policy.”

The spokesman said that whoever will form the so-called government, the Jammu & Kashmir will be ruled directly by the Indian home minister, the statement concluded.


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