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MLA Langate Er Rasheed said that mainstream political parties don’t have guts, courage and will to resolve Jammu and Kashmir dispute even within constitution of India.

While addressing a public gathering at Handwara Tuesday, he asked NC and PDP not to exploit sentiments of people in the name of Self Rule and autonomy. He said, “All Kashmiri leaders whether from mainstream or separatist camp should confess that despite receiving full support from public by one way or the other, no progress has been made in resolution towards J&K dispute. New Delhi is taking every one at a ride and is doing what so ever possible to encourage infighting between the mainstream parties and at the same time putting strict curbs on pro freedom leaders. Kashmiri leaders will have to realize that the only way to achieve something is to be united and tolerate each other and try to accommodate each other’s genuine concerns.”

Er Rasheed further said that if mainstream parties will continue to befool Kashmiris in the public meetings but will talk in the tune of their masters voice in assembly, it will definitely give them power but will be complete cheating with the deprived people of the state. “Therefore it is high time for the mainstream parties either to act and rise to the occasion or leave the political resolution to the Hurriyat people.”

As per a statement Rasheed has also said that Jairam Ramesh’s recent statement that J&K is being run by the agencies confirms the apprehensions being expressed by Kashmiris from time to time that India wants to hold Kashmiris with it at the barrel of gun.

Er Rasheed said that Kashmiri migrants are welcome to their homes anytime but they will have to accept that they are part and parcel of the whole society and will have to face the hardships, the same way as Kashmiri Muslims are facing. Those who appeal them every time to come back to Valley are just trying to score points but have not been able to get even   a single family back.

“I am asking Kashmiri pandit leaders who always talk in a communal tune and are eager to hurt Kashmiris one way or the other, not to expect that the Kashmiris will beg them for their return as Kashmiris Muslims have suffered worst and it were Kashmiri pundits who left them at the mercy of state and non state actors and fact of the matter is that they are enjoying packages after packages from state and central governments and don’t want to lose them”, Rasheed said. And added that those who say that assembly has failed to do justice with the people of the state are right in their own place but one cannot deny the fact that Kashmirs should not leave the platform of assembly open for anti-Kashmiri propaganda and thus facilitate India to erode and curb the genuine basic rights of people of state by passing anti-Kashmiri laws.

MLA Langate even dared army to keep itself restricted to its professional duties rather than trying to oblige Kashmiris by opening goodwill schools and other programs in the name of operation Sasdbhavna. Every Kashmiri is well aware about the intentions operation Sadbhavna.

He questioned army that how can it claim to be “sympathizer of orphans of violence during last 25 years when majority of these ill fatted children’s have lost their beloved fathers at the hands of security forces.” He reiterated his stand that rehabilitation policy is just an ‘eye wash’ and to score points over Pakistan and give the notion that Kashmiris are now tired with ongoing resistance. Liyaqat Shah’s recent arrest has exposed the same, he added.


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