Syed Ali Geelani

KL News Network


Reiterating its appeal to make joint resistance program a success, Hurriyat Conference (g) has said that fascist rulers have started to put their dreams into the reality and one after the other they tear and tarnish every fabric of our identity and dignity, the separatist alliance said in a statement.

“It is most unfortunate and disgusting that so-called educated ministers call these anti people actions as blessings from their masters, just to safeguard their ministerial berths,” Hurriyat said, drawing resemblance between Akhter’s statement and Tyran Ababeel, comment of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah.

“Followers of Chanakiya’s doctrine, Indian rulers are least bothered about the welfare of refugees and they only play game of dirty and filthy politics,” the statement said. “Had these rulers been interested in their wellbeing, they would have rehabilitated them long ago in any part of their vast territory, but they consciously and plan fully thrust them on this disputed land just to strangulate the already suffocated population of J&K to the maximum.”

Insisting that Mir Jaffars and Mir Sadiqs have historically been used to thrash and subjugate the hapless people, the statement said these henchmen have always terrified, terrorised, traumatised and mutilated people. Terming them “venomous traitors”, the statement said they should be isolated as they were encouraged by “our vote and support”.


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