Make Tax System vibrant, Trader friendly: Rather


GST not to be implemented without consultation

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The Minister for Finance & Ladakh affairs, Abdul Rahim Rather Saturday said the proposed Goods and Service Tax (GST) will not be implemented in the state unless traders community and other stake holders are consulted about its pros and cons.

“Though final decision about the implementation of the GST regime has not been taken by the center  as yet but the traders fraternity of the state shall have be ready for its adoption for which the state Government will organize awareness programs,” said rather during  two separate Interactive meetings with the front line representatives of Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF) Kashmir and Kashmir Traders United Front (KTUF) Kashmir at the Commercial taxes Complex, Srinagar .

The meeting was convened to discuss the problems of the trading fraternity and to get their suggestions for making the tax collection system more trader friendly and viable.

Rather enjoined upon the senior officers of the Commercial taxes department to make the Tax Collection system more trader friendly so that genuine tax payers are not put to any unnecessary harassment. He asked the officers and employees of the department to improve their PR with the traders.

“Honour and respect of the genuine traders is my priority,” he said. He, even, suggested to make good PR of the officers and employees of CTD as one of the bench marks of their Annual Performance Reports (APR’s).

Enjoining upon the employees to work with dedication and honesty, Rather said “Efficient and honest persons will be rewarded adding that non-performers will not be tolerated,” Rather announced. He asked the traders to come forward with solid evidences to bring more transparency in the Tax system.

Responding to the demands of the traders, Rather said that Government is in favour of abolishing CST adding that more trader friendly initiatives are underway for the convenience of the traders and other tax payers. In this connection, he assured to provide a spacious waiting room for them in the Commercial Taxes Complex Department (CTD) with all modern facilities.

While urging for greater and regular interactions with the traders, Rather said  that close rapport among employees and traders shall help to identify shortcoming in the Tax Collection system.

“Government is well abreast with the problems confronting the trading fraternity and other tax payers, after every 3 months performance of the commercial Taxes department is being reviewed where besides other issues revenue collection, problems of the traders are also discussed,” he said.


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