Malabagh Elahibagh Road In Shambles

KL Report


People living along in Elahi Bagh, Malapora and its adjacent areas are up in arms against the government for leaving the road dilapidated and in shambles. Scores of people blocked the road at 90 Feet Soura, Srinagar and held demonstrations against the government.

The road is in such a bad condition that people find it inconvenient to travel on the “risky bumpy” track.

“The road is so bad that two vehicles coming from opposite directions cannot pass through,” said a group of residents living there. “Authorities last year had assured the residents that repair work of roads will be taken up on priority basis but till date nothing has been done,” locals said.

They said mishaps have become almost a routine on the road. “The government is responsible for the accidents and they didn’t care to macadamize these roads,” the protestors said adding that school children find it inconvenient to attend the school as the dust arising out from these roads are badly affecting their health.

Shopkeepers alongside the road in Malabagh, Elahi Bagh and other adjacent areas shared similar views with CNS adding that customers avoid coming to their shops “because of dusty and dilapidated road.”

“Customers find it difficult to drive to this place. People obviously want to avoid travel on bad roads which are so uneven,” argued a trader.

The locals of the affected road said they would dig up the lane rendering it unfit for vehicular traffic movement should the administration “fail in taking our issues into cognizance.”

“If the administration continues to ignore our problems, we’ll dig up the road rendering it unfit for vehicular movement,” they said.


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