Malik Aghast Over Attack On KPs In Nagrota Camp

KL Report


JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik has condemned attack on Pandit protestors allegedly by police and some miscreants at Nagrota.

“Attack on Kashmiri Pandits in Nagrota by police backed criminals has hurt our hearts. Kashmiri people stand by their Pandit brethren in this hour of grief and strongly condemn this brutal attack”, said Malik while talking to victims of the attack on Phone.

In a statement issued here, Malik said that Jagti Nogrota colony that was set for Pandit brothers and sisters is facing a power cut down from many months and an ‘18 hours load shedding is practiced in the colony and during these hot days and nights’.

“This shortage of basic necessity has turned the lives of these Pandits into hell .The electricity supply meant for their colony is being diverted to some others places and heavy bills are being received from Pandits. when Pandits protest peacefully against this criminal negligence of rulers and administration, they are being beaten and harassed”, the statement said.

“Day before, these Pandits took out a protest march and marched towards a local power grid station .police and authorities had already placed hundreds of goons, extremists and miscreants who attacked these protesters with stones, Lathis and iron rods injuring dozens including elderly men and women .Many among injured still remain in hospital”, the statement said.

“What is more agonizing is that police instead of registering a case against goons and criminals has registered a case against the protesting pundits”, he said.

Strongly condemning attack by goons and criminals, Malik said that so called rulers who use these oppressed Pandits for political propaganda, by this attack, ill treatment and harassment have shown their real face and today stand exposed.

Malik said that today’s attack on Pandits at Jagti Nagrota has hurt every Kashmiri’s heart and mind. “We want to assure our Pandit brothers and sisters who have been oppressed that we all stand by them in this hour of need. Rulers and authorities who are terrifying these Pandit brothers and sisters and are organizing such attacks on them must keep in mind that this criminal attitude will yield them nothing but shame. Every Kashmiri stands by these oppressed brethren and demand that they should be immediately provided with these basic necessities of life”.



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