Malik Calls for Shutdown on Jan 23

KL Report


Yas Malik

Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Muhammad Yasin Malik Wednesday said that 21st January is an important day of Kashmir’s 5000 year old history.

“On this day thousands of unarmed people came out of their houses to demand freedom. These peaceful people were showered with bullets by Indian forces,” Malik said.

He said while addressing a public rally organized to commemorate the massacre of 21st January 1990 in which more than 60 people were killed and hundreds injured by the hands of government forces at Gawkadal.

Speaking on the proposals of granting permanent citizenship of Jammu Kashmir to refugees from West Pakistan, Malik said that Kashmiris will defend the “special status” of Jammu Kashmir “even at the cost of their lives”.

“Many Indian hilly sates like Himachal Pradesh, Mizoram etc are also having similar kind of laws to safeguard their ecology and environment,” he said.

Condemning the recent controversial sketches published in France and other parts of Europe, Malik called for a complete shutdown on 23rd of January against the act.

“Deterioration and decline as sacred people are being targeted by bunch of fools in the name of freedom of expression. This is in fact ugliest form of terrorism that is promoting hatred among the people. Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the holiest man of the universe. Our prophet (SAW) is our pride and honour and no Muslim can take attack on the honour of our prophet SAW lightly.”


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