Architect of Gawakadal Massacre Busy in His Coronation: Omar



Chief-Minister-Omar-Abdullah-As main business hub Lal Chowk remained shut to commemorate the Gawkadal Massacre Wednesday, former Chief Minister and Working President NC Omar Abdullah took a chance to attack PDP patron “Mufti Sayeed’s role in the massacre”.

He said that the “architect” of the massacre is busy in negotiating the formation of new dispensation and remaining silent on the “dark day”.

“The architect of the #Gawkadal massacre negotiates his coronation & conveniently remains silent, choosing not to acknowledge this dark day,” Omar wrote on micro blogging site Twitter.

Further renewing his appeal for a “truth and Reconciliation Commission”, Omar said that both “Pandit Exodus” and incidents like Gawkadal massacre ask for the commission for investigation in human rights violation in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Whether it’s the Kashmiri Pandit exodus or incidents like Gawkadal, they R why India & Pakistan owe J&K a truth & reconciliation commission,” he wrote.

Interestingly, the second tweet turned into a hot conversation between NC spokesperson Junaid Azeem Mattu and Aditya Raj Koul -a Delhi based Journalist- amongst many other Omar’s Twitter followers.

“@AdityaRajKaul Aditya, I think you should man up and quit the charade of being a ‘journalist’. Put ur money where ur mouth is @abdullah_omar,” Junaid wrote.

He further wrote, “@AdityaRajKaul Also pls read up a bit. The concept – A TRC essentially needs to involve all perceived victims and aggressors.”

Aditya mocked Junaid being a politician and asked him to keep his advice for Omar.

“@Junaid_Mattu @abdullah_omar Junaid, stop being a joke of a politician. And keep your advice for Omar. He may need it in politics,” he wrote.

Taking the debate further Aditya attacked Omar’s father and former JK CM, Dr Farooq saying that he left Kashmiri pandits at the mercy of militants and himself fled to London in early 1990s.

Aditya wrote, “@abdullah_omar Truth be told. Why did Farooq Abdullah run away to London leaving Pandits at the mercy of Pak backed terrorists?”

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