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Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik who remains imprisoned Saturday said that world civil society which is maintaining a ‘criminal silence’ over the plight of Kashmiris, must know that pushing a nation to the wall will only yield disaster and that ‘nobody including them will remain safe.’

As per a statement, Malik has strongly condemned the ‘criminal silence’ of civil societies of the world and India and people “who claim to support oppressors, over the brutal massacre of Muslims in Gool Ghulab Garh Ramban and discretion of holy Quran and a mosque by terrorist in uniform.”

“Today Kashmiris are being subjected to worst kind of state terrorism, we are being killed with impunity, our religious sentiments are being hurt. But the world with its tall claims of humanity, democracy, religious harmony and human rights remains silent spectators,” he has alleged. “World is doing this criminal act to safeguard its trade and economic interests with India but these people must bear in mind that continuously  pushing  a nation to the wall will yield nothing but disaster that will shatter the  dreams of trade, economy, construction and development.”

Malik has also strongly condemned the criminal attitude; continued denial and attempts of Indian leaders, government forces and Indian media who are having a “biased attitude against Muslims and Kashmiris, to cover up the crime committed by BSF in Gool and termed it as act of state terrorism.” He strongly condemned the curfew politics of “so called” rulers and said that in this holy month of Ramdhan Muslims of Kashmir who have are showing hospitality to Hindu Yatrees, are being denied to even offer prayers.

The JKLF chairman has also condemned the murderous attack on Dr Jalal and termed it as an act of inhuman behavior. He prayed for the speedy recovery of Dr Jalal.


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