Malik Condemns Killings in Pulwama, Peshawar University



Chairperson JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik Wednesday strongly condemned the “unprovoked firing” and killing of yet another young Kashmiri Pervaiz Ahmad Guroo of Naina Batpora Pulwama today.

While terming the firing on “innocent and unarmed protesters” as shameful, Malik said, “Indian trigger happy forces are killing Kashmiris at will because they have been provided impunity and license to kill by India and its Kashmiri stooges.”

Malik in a statement issued here said, “today we have received another dead body of our youngster and our hearts bleed for this innocent youth.” He expressed solidarity with the bereaved family of Pervaiz Ahmad Guroo.

Malik also prayed for the speedy recovery of those who got injured in the firing incident.

Meanwhile, terming the attack on Bacha Khan University at Charsada Peshwar Pakistan as barbaric, Malik said that attacking educational institutions can be termed as inhuman and uncivilized.

He said that before this a school in Peshawar was also attacked in which hundreds of young boys and girls were martyred by killers. “First word of the first revelation to our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW was ‘Read’ and those who attack schools, colleges, universities and other institutions related to education are actually acting against Quran and trying to push our next generations towards darkness.”

He said that the people who are involved in such criminal acts cannot be termed as human. Malik, according to the statement prayed for those who lost their lives in the attack and also prayed for early recovery of those injured in the attack.


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