Malik Gets Pugwash Invite

 KL Report


International Pugwash has rescheduled its conference on J&K due to logistical problems and new dates for the conference have been finalised as September 14-18.

In an invitation to JKLF chairman and one of the participant Mohammad Yasin Malik, it said, “Kindly confirm your participation for the new dates.”

“Participants from both sides of the LOC and from all different political parties and groups will be invited. The goal is to discuss and develop ideas and proposals that, if applied, would improve in concrete terms the connections across the LOC, would eliminate the restrictions that limit the movement and the freedom of the people in the entire region, and would promote economic cooperation and development in the entire region. Seven years ago, in 2006, Pugwash held a similar conference in Islamabad involving participants from the entire political spectrum of both sides of the LOC,” the Pugwash statement said.

“And while considered a positive step forward by both India and Pakistan at the time, after seven years, the situation on the ground does not appear to have much improved.



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