Malik Leaves For Nepal To Meet His Daughter

KL Report


Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Mohammad Yasin Malik Saturday left for Delhi where from he will go to Nepal to meet his daughter Razia Sultana.

According to a statement issued to KNS, a Front spokesman has said that Malik was bestowed by God with a baby girl on March 17, 2012.

“Yasin sahib at that time was in Islamabad Pakistan with his family. His wife and baby were still in the hospital when the sad news of his father’s death came to him. Yasin sahib had to leave Pakistan in hurry and attend his father’s funeral in Srinagar,” the statement reads, adding that in January 2013, Malik again visited Pakistan to complete travel documents of his family especially daughter that were necessary for her travel to Srinagar.

“In the meantime Shaheed Afzal Guru was hanged by Indian government on 9th February 2013. Yasin sahib protested against this tyrannical act of Indian government and sat on a hunger strike in Islamabad Pakistan,” the spokesman informed adding that the hunger strike ‘annoyed Indian rulers and media who announced a war against Yasin sahib.’

“After his arrival back in Srinagar, Yasin sahib’s passport was confiscated and has not been given back till date. On the other hand Yasin sahib’s family including her innocent child approached Indian high commission in Islamabad for Viza. This application has been there since 9 months but no reply has been given back to the applicants. Yasin sahib’s wife and daughter Razia have completed all the formalities in this regard and have number of times approached Indian high commission but have neither been given Viza’s nor have been replied back. Because of this tyrannical act of Indian rulers a 20 month old daughter has been continuously denied a meeting with her father and a wife is being forcefully kept separated from her husband.”

The JKLF statement reads that the inhuman behaviour and attitude has ‘compelled Yasin Malik to travel to Nepal, for which no passport or Visa is required.’ “Yasin sahib will spend some days with his little daughter and family in Nepal when and if he reaches there. Terming Yasin sahib traveling to Nepal for meeting his daughter and family as a human need and compulsion, a JKLF spokesperson said that separating an innocent child from her father cannot be termed but as Cruelty and undemocratic act of Indian rulers. Stopping a wife from visiting her in-laws and barring a little girl from seeing her father is an act that no human society can tolerate. This becomes much more condemnable when decisions like these are taken on political vendetta and disliking, said spokesperson. He hoped that wisdom, human instinct, civilized behaviour will prevail and rulers will stop their tyrannical approaches and acts in human issues like this. Spokesperson said that an innocent girl who has nothing to do with politics or political Affairs cannot be and should not be subjected to political vendetta like this and one still hopes that this tyrannical behaviour will change for good.”



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