Malik Terms London ‘Million March’ A Welcome Step

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Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Monday termed London ‘Million March’ for freedom of Jammu Kashmir is a welcome step and efforts like this should continue in future also.

‘London Million March for freedom of Jammu Kashmir is a welcome step and efforts like this should continue in future also. On 27th October 1947 India by invading Kashmir by using its military might actually mutilated the very concept of its own freedom struggle against British rule. 27th October 1947 is an ugly day for Kashmiris. Kashmiris through their complete protest shutdown have once again reiterated their commitment for freedom struggle,” he said in a statement to KNS.

Malik, who was placed under house arrest last night at his sister’s residence at Bagat I Kani Pora while condemning arrests, house arrests, curfew and restrictions in various localities, said, “27th October remembers us that how India is ridiculing its own freedom struggle and undermining the freedom of a nation. How its various governments failed to fulfill their own commitments regarding the resolution of this dispute till date.”

While hailing the efforts of Kashmiris living in Britain, various political parties including JKLF UK Europe zone, JKLF diplomatic bureau and the organizers of the program including barrister Sultan Mehmood for organizing and making ‘Million March’ a success, Malik said, “London Million March has been a great success and a welcome step for the freedom struggle of Jammu Kashmir. Such kind of programs all over the world will surely help the cause of freedom of Jammu Kashmir.”

He hoped that Kashmiris living across the globe will keep on organizing such peaceful programs in future also.

The JKLF chairman said that it was important to tell the international community that trade, commerce, diplomatic relations and common agenda of nations should not come in the way of justice and freedom of nations. “It is also important to communicate to the international community that unresolved issues and disputes cause distress and disunity among the humans and are also promoting more and more violence. Therefore it is necessary to end disputes and resolve all issues including the issue of Jammu Kashmir, to ensure durable peace, prosperity and brotherhood among the people living across the globe,” he said.

While hailing the people of Kashmir for shutdown today he said, “October 27 is an ugly day for us because our freedom was snatched by the might of military on this very day in 1947.”

He said that people of Kashmir through their peaceful protest have once again reiterated their commitment and passion for the freedom struggle. “A nation that has sacrificed its thousands and thousands of people for its freedom cannot be kept away from achieving its desired goal for long and history of the world bears a witness to this fact,” Malik added.


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