Malik To Reach Delhi Tomorrow; ‘Authorities Deny Visa to Wife & Daughter’


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Chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik is arriving in Delhi tomorrow, March 09, 2013. He was on personal visit to Pakistan.
Malik who left valley on January 27, 2013 will be alone as his wife and  daughter have been denied a visa by Indian authorities.

“Yasin Sahib’s wife and daughter had about 20 days back applied on line for Indian visa according to the procedure but no reply was given to their plea and even the web page in this connection was blocked on them. Because of this Yasin sahib will be arriving at Delhi alone and will reach Delhi by air tomorrow,” read the party statement.

Meanwhile acting chairman JKLF advocate Bashir Ahmad Butt whose residence has been raided several times by police in a statement has condemned the recent spree of arrests’ and raids, curfew, restrictions.

“On one side the so called ruler’s shed crocodile tears on television and try to impress common people but on the other side these rulers through their police and forces have unleashed a reign of terror everywhere in Kashmir. This hypocrisy and dual face of rulers is fully exposed now and these rulers should know that kashmiri’s have been bearing this oppression and barbarism but have not allowed the flame of their struggle to weaken,” said Bashir.

While praising  people of Kashmir on their steadfastness and Patience, Bashir said that this will power and courage displayed by kashmiri’s is a clear Announcement of India’s defeat.


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