Man Makes Self Immolation Bid To Halt Demolition

SRINAGAR: A brief video clip that is viral on social media shows a young man afire on a long line of under-construction shop line. The man is running on the shop line slab and is seen trying to put aside his burning clothes while running from one end to another.

The caption of the video reads that it has taken place somewhere in the Ganderbal district.

The video shows a number of cops and civilians around and eventually some of the people rushing to help him. It also shows a JCB waiting nearby.

The gruesome video has no other details other than the voices that it has recorded about people around expressing regrets.

Information collected suggest that it has taken place somewhere in Haran – Gundrehman belt near Ganderbal where an anti-encroachment drive was about to start. One report said that a resident, whose name was not immediately confirmed, had allegedly constructed the shop line. The resident is from Haran and the shop-line was under construction in Gund Rehman.

Authorities said that the construction was illegal and it was to be demolished. The construction was going on for many months.

A demolition squad had gone to demolish the construction when the alleged encroacher set himself on fire. It was not immediately known what the status of the person is. Reports said he has received serious injuries and has been evacuated to the hospital. The demolition was not carried out, the reports added.

Meanwhile, Ganderbal Police have asked the media not to circulate the video.

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