Manan Killing: Cricketer Gambhir holds political class responsible


Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National conference Vice president Omar Abdullah lashed out at former cricketer Gautam Gambhir after the latter criticised all political parties for ‘allowing a PhD student to become a militant.’

Manan Wani and Gautam Gambhir

Taking to social networking site Twitter Omar wrote: “This man wouldn’t be able to find Manan’s home district on a map much less his village & yet he presumes to know what drives young men in Kashmir to pick up the gun. Mr Gambhir clearly knows less about Kashmir than I do about cricket & I know almost nothing.”

Gautam in a reply said: “Come on @OmarAbdullah you shouldn’t talk about maps, you are hell bent in changing the map of my country by talking Kashmir to Pakistan! Stroll out of that ivory tower and explain what u or ur fellow politicians have done to engage the Kashmiri youth @BJP4India @INCIndia.”

“Not ready to keep quiet, Omar said, “It’s been less than a week since I had two of my colleagues killed by terrorists, my party has lost 1000s of workers, both senior & junior since 1988. I don’t need a lecture in nationalism & sacrifice from someone who wouldn’t know sacrifice if it kicked him,” Omar Abdullah replied.

“Come back when you’ve educated yourself about Kashmir and we can have an informed discussion till then you can keep playing to the galleries,” Omar added.

“You aren’t alone @OmarAbdullah, most of ur lot (read politicians) don’t like mirror thrusted on u and that’s why my country is bleeding. Nationalism and sacrifice need men of real character and not someone like u searching for lip-service in 280 character limit of social media!!!” Gautam replied.

Gambhir had earlier criticized J&K’s leading parties the National Conference, and the PDP, as well as the BJP and Congress after Manan Wani, a PhD student-turned-Hizbul commander was killed by the army and Police in an encounter on Thursday.

“Mannan Wani’s death: We killed a terrorist and lost a radicalised talent. @OmarAbdullah @MehboobaMufti @INCIndia @BJP4India all should bow their heads in embarrassment that they left a young man drift from books to embrace bullet,” Gautam tweeted.

Manan Wani and his associate Ashiq Hussain Zargar were killed in a gunfight in Shatgund village of north Kashmir’s Handwara town on Thursday.


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