Manan Killing: MANUU students stand in solidarity with AMU Kashmir students


The students of Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) expresses the anguish over the colonial charges leveled against Kashmiri students on “fabricated” issues at AMU.

The spokesman said that Kashmiri students who were expressing their concern and peacefully discussing the new unfolding in Kashmir near Kennedy Hall were assaulted by some non-Kashmiri people. The students exercised restraint and dispersed immediately but to their shock sedition charges were filed against 2 students and show-cause notices were issued to 7 other Kashmiri students which is an outcome of bogus media trial run by TRP hungry jingoistic national media channels.

The continuous vilification campaigns against Kashmiris by political parties vying for the consolidation of their power at the expense of innocent Kashmiri students. The charges against Kashmiri students were even refuted by PRO of AMU still the Kashmiri students are being targeted for no fault of their own.

Kashmiri students have always been at the receiving end of the hyper-nationalistic narrative of the state agencies that continuously demonize and vitiate atmosphere against Kashmiris in the mainland India. Such campaigns by the national media along with insensitivity of University authorities chokes the voices of Kashmiri students wishing to express their political aspirations which comes well under the ambit of freedom of expression and speech enshrined in the Indian constitution.

Kashmiri students of Maulana Azad National Urdu University demand an immediate revocation of all false charges against Kashmiri students at AMU who are at the brink of losing their careers in face of severe security threats, intimidations and hounding by security agencies and media.


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