Many Kashmiri Students Hospitalized after Allegedly Attacked in Haryana College

Asif Iqbal Naik


Over one dozen students hailing from different parts of Jammu and Kashmir perusing engineering from Global Research Institute for Management and Technology, Tehsil Radhore District Yamna Nagar Haryana were Saturday hospitalized, while nearly 100 students escaped from the college premises and took shelter in nearby police station after some local ‘goons’ and outsiders allegedly entered into college mess and beat them with rods and sticks, beside chased them.

As per the details available with Kashmir life, the episode took place at around 1 PM today when the students were lined up for lunch.

The victim students informed that few outsiders entered into the mess and broke the line as several students were already lined up for lunch. They said that on asking them to wait for their turn, these ‘goons’ turn violent and started thrashing them. They said that after hurdling abuses on them, these ‘goons’ left the premises.

They alleged that after knowing about their Kashmiri identity, these goons once again appeared in the premises allegedly with iron rods and sticks and started beating them mercilessly.  They said that these ‘goons’ with the help of local sarpanch chased them at least 5 KM forcing many of them to take shelter in nearby police station.

They said that over two dozen students were hospitalized and condition of few among them was critical.  They alleged that police also showed reluctance in taking action against those who attacked them. They said that Director of the College MS Shalina also did not respond and failed to persuade the case of students before police.

The victim Kashmiri students also alleged that Director of the College turned blind eye towards the injured students and allowed them to die.

They said that many students were in a state of shock and were not willing to go back to college facing threat to their life.

When tried to contact college director, her mobile number was found out of network area. When contacted, local police informed Kashmir Life they are trying to collect details of the incident.

Later police spokesman told Kashmir Life that the incident has occurred in the jurisdiction of police station Jatlana in Haryana. “Haryana police informed us that the students have actually fought over some issue in the premises and it is being sorted out,” police spokesman said.


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