Marriage hall at Babademb in pathetic condition, locals demand beautification


The marriage hall at Baba Demb, Naqashpora Srinagar is in pathetic condition and the people of the area have urged the local MLA to intervene and restore its beautification.

Locals said the marriage hall looks good from outside but it is in wretched condition inside.

“The hall appears nice when one looks at it as it has good space. The real picture is in contrast to what appears to us. The colour of walls of the ground floor presents a horrific look. How could one think of inviting guests to such a place,” they said.

“The room in ground floor appears to be burnt down and the walls are now black in colour. The halls either of ground or first floor where the guests are supposed to sit too are discoloured. The corridors of the building are no better than a public lavatory. There is an open pit on the back side that too having a diameter more than 12 feet. During marriage functions, this pit poses a risk to the life of people particularly the children. How could government turn a blind eye to such lapses, the locals said.

“It appears that government hasn’t spent a penny after the floods of 2014 on the facelift of this marriage hall. We are asked to pay rupees 20000 for booking it. Who would book this place,” said a local. (GNS)


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