Joint Resistance Leadership on Thursday said that a complete strike will be observed on July 13th, in remembrance of martyrs of the land and as a means to once again reiterate the urgent need for a peaceful and just resolution of the Kashmir conflict.

Meanwhile, paying tributes to the martyrs 13th July 1931 Hurriyat (m) said that the July agitation of 1931 was the first strong and collective voice of the people of J&K against those who were killed.

The spokesman said that struggle for ascertaining their will and aspirations continues since then, in which lakhs of people have lost their lives. People want that sentiment to be addressed they want a peaceful resolution of this essentially political and human issue and an end to human rights violations.

The spokesman added that Hurriyat (m) will lead a peaceful procession after Zuhr prayers from Jamia Masjid Srinagar to martyrs graveyard Naqshband Sahab shrine (RA)on 13th July. Fateh prayers for the martyrs will be collectively offered at the graveyard.


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