Matric Exam: ‘Other Issues’ Crop Up!



Close on heals of omitting right wing BJP from being a coalition partner in the state government, the paper setters have not stopped here.

Social Science paper of class 10th SSE Examination held on 29th November, 2015 had many mistakes which are detailed as under

  1. History section, Q No 2, Part B. As per board syllabus:

There is an open choice in 2 chapters “Work Life or Leisure” and “Age of industrialization”. But, which has not been considered while setting the paper. 2 questions had been selected from the chapter “Work, Life and Leisure” without considering the other chapter.

  1. History section, Q No 3, part A. This question was also from “Work, Life and Leisure” without a choice from “Age of Industrialization”.
  2. Options for objectives were wrong, moreover the selection objectives was not as per standard of class 10th.

The wrong selection by the paper setter of questions goes up to 10 Marks. The paper has been selected without giving due consideration to the syllabus, student said.

(A student, name withheld, sent these observations as an open letter to Kashmir Life.)


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