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Doctors association Kashmir (DAK) has condemned “Media Intimidation” by an individual who proclaims himself to be the president of Doctors Association of Kashmir.

In a statement issued here, a spokesperson of DAK said, “Doctors Association Kashmir is a platform which was founded on the principles of democracy. It has a twin objective of quality health care and welfare of doctors. Many issues are highlighted by DAK in a healthy and professional way. The statements are aired after a consensus among members. DAK has always appreciated and applauded the role of media personnel in propagating and projecting issues of Doctors and those concerning the health of people.”

The statement added that DAK as per its constitution is currently headed by Dr G M Mir and does not believe in abusing or insulting any one even if there might be any difference of opinion or ideologies so to score browny points.

“DAK appreciates the role played by media and like doctors they have been doing there job with dedication and uprightness in spite of all the odds. Media fraternity needs to expose such individuals who use media for their self-glorification and then abuse the very institutions if their vested interests are not met as per their whims or fancies.”

The spokesperson said that DAK stands by Kashmir Life and appreciates their journalistic credentials and the work they are doing in highlighting the issues of public interest.

“DAK strongly condemns the abusive language used against the journalistic fraternity by this self-proclaimed president. We again make it clear to one and all that there is only one recognised and accepted organisation of doctors and that is headed by Dr G M Mir.”

The statement appealed that media fraternity that before accepting the press releases they should make it sure that the individuals claiming to be representatives of doctors are genuine or not.

It is in place to mention here, the statement said, that a self-proclaimed president of doctors had allegedly as reported by Kashmir Life abused and threatened the Media fraternity and called them as “dallas and Ikhwanis” for merely not mentioning his name in a press release. Such acts are self-explanatory to substantiate what reality is. The same self-glorified person threatened and demeaned us and our members when they appealed doctors and the general public for raising donations for the injured persons during the current crisis.”


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