Meet the man who wants to donate eye for a pellet blind

Aakash Hassan


The last summer when pellets rained over the protesters in valley, the sight of losing the sight was all over. The toll of blind was increasing every day when the merciless pellets continued to perch the eyeballs. The hospitals, streets, homes presented heart wrenching story.

Clipping of Newspaper notification Of Sofi where he had offered his one eye

The South of Kashmir was the worst hit. Deep down in the same geography was the man who was ready to lose vision happily. His eagerness to get blind had a different reason; he wanted to somebody else to see with his eye.

The man was Ali Mohammad Sofi, son of Abdul Sattar Sofi. Sofi who is in his fifties, would cry every day while watching the gory visuals of pellet hit youth in the evening news.

“Unable to bear I decided that I would donate my one eye,” says Sofi, a laborer from Aanag-Nanil village of Kashmir’s Islamabad district.

But everyone was surprised when he proved his words by making a public notice in a newspaper.

I want to inform that I want to donate my one eye to the person who has lost his vision due to the pellets, he notified in the newspaper.

Pellet his eye of a youth in Pulwama

“I don’t know if it is possible that because of me someone would get vision but I have no problem if only my one eye would retain vision for someone,” Sofi said while talking to Kashmir Life.

“I am doing it for humanity and for the will of Allah,” he said, “no one told me about this or inspired me.”

He has three children, two daughters, and a son, all married. His son works as a driver.

He published the notification in a newspaper in December 2016 and since then, he says, more than dozen people have contacted him. There are medical complications besides having a proper match.

“Recently a person contacted and now he is in contact with doctors. I hope doctors will agree and I would donate my eye,” he says with a satisfaction and a smile.


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