Mehboob expresses concern over educated youth adopting path of militancy

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The Oppositional Peoples Democratic party president and Member of Parliament (MP) Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday condemned the killing of Sopore youth and expressed concern over the reports of educated youth joining militant ranks in parts of South and North Kashmir.

Addressing a press conference at her residence this afternoon, Mehbooba said, “You know people get emotional after encounters and I think police and security forces should have shown restraint but they didn’t and ultimately it resulted in the killing of youth and injuries to many.”

The PDP president also slammed the government for not acting against the forces men involved in the killing of civilians. “I think with each passing day right from 2009, whether it is Shopian episode or the killing of 120 youth in  2010, there is no time when innocent killings doesn’t occur and it is a routine matter to order probes,” adding, “enquires have been there in number of cases but no action taken.”

Expressing concern over the reports of educated youth joining militant ranks, Mehbooba observed it is due to failure of political process and atrocities. She also expressed concern over possible spill over of militants from Afghanistan after withdrawal of US and NATO forces and the prevailing situation in Pakistan and Iraq, where ISIS militants are gaining ground with each passing day.

She said the government is turning Jammu and Kashmir as a ‘breeding ground’ due to policies which it has adopted from last few years.

“Everybody knows what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and besides there is a general concern that what would be its affect on Jammu and Kashmir. I think yesterday’s incident and the Tral incident where a militant’s mother came in record saying her son was forced to pick up gun because of atrocities,” she said, adding: “God forbid, as a result of the atrocities which we are facing, all of us should be concerned that aren’t we pushing our youth on path of militancy due to excesses.”

Mehbooba feared that the ‘current government’s policies’ may turn these apprehensions into reality. “I am concerned,” she said, “the Jammu and Kashmir was coming out of the violence but it is being pushed again towards the violence.”

However, she said, though Kashmiris don’t want to go on the path of violence because they have seen lot of violence and they have suffered a lot. Mehbooba, while referring to the reports of educated youth joining militant ranks, said ‘the trend is very disturbing’.

Appealing central government to look into the matter of educated youth joining militant outfits, Mehbooba said the Union government should take it as ‘national challenge’. She said if Kashmir issue can be discussed in United Nations or OIC why not in Indian parliament. “Indian parliament should not shy away from discussing Kashmir issue,” she said.

Mehbooba slammed previous Union Government led by Congress for failing to address the Kashmir issue.

Appealing state government to ensure the supply of Ration, water and electricity in the upcoming Islamic month of Ramazan, Mehbooba said people are facing enormous difficulties due their shortage.

She also appealed government to make sure that the passports of youth, whose relatives were associated with militancy, should be cleared. (GNS)


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