Mehbooba a role model, says PDP MP


Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Fayaz Mir of People’s Democratic Party on Sunday termed the PDP Party President Mehbooba Mufti as a role model for all women.

“Our Party President Mehbooba Mufti is a sort of person who takes advice from everyone and led the state without succumbing to any pressure. She is the role model not for women of the state, but for everyone,” said Mir.

Rubbishing the reports that Jammu and Ladakh were ignored, he said, “Hill districts and constituencies have always been the main focus of Developmental agenda of the government. As and when the party got a direct role, possible Government resources were fully utilized for their empowerment,” added Mir, M.P Rajya Sabha.

“PDP always worked for raising the stock of underdeveloped people of the state, particularly those suffering on account of difficult geographical placement and poor social and economic conditions,” Mir said.

Mir in a statement said: “Where were those legislators when they enjoyed perks and power. Why didn’t they felt disgrace then when they were part and parcel of everything?”

He further added that those who are making hue and cry now should understand that people are learned enough to understand their political gimmicks.

Mir in a statement said “PDP is a party of the people. We have always worked for their good. Our Party President never succumbed to any pressure and proudly ran the state.”

“We are not afraid to face people or to go for the polls. Time will tell the whole story,” said Fayaz Mir in a statement.


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