Mehbooba appeals Modi to rein in ‘disruptive voices’

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Rejecting the statement made by Dr Jitendra Singh that the ‘process of repealing article 370 of the constitution of India had begun’ and describing it as disruptive Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) today urged the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and BJP leadership to rein in the newly appointed minister before his utterances cause serious damage.

In a statement issued to KNS, here the party president Mehbooba Mufti said Singh should realise that his newly acquired position as a junior minister comes with some responsibilities and the Prime Minister should intervene to discipline him. “The PMO must clarify the statement to reassure the people of J&K that no mischief is on its way”, she said.

Mehbooba said the irresponsible utterances on Art 370 should stop immediately as these can have serious repercussions in J&K besides having the potential of spoiling the atmosphere of inclusiveness and peace that the inauguration of the new government at the center apparently aimed at achieving. She said on the one hand the Prime Minister spoke of inclusiveness and on the other a minister in his own office seeks to disrupt the effort at reconciliation by speaking out of turn on an issue that sends out highly negative signals to country’s only Muslim majority state.

The PDP president said Dr Singh should realise that this country is run under a constitution that is not subject to political priorities of any party and that the mandate to BJP does not mean anarchy that fiddling with constitution could result in. She said even though it is an established fact that Art 370 has acquired a permanent status in the constitution of India, it is not advisable even to open a debate on it keeping in view its crucial nature in the relationship between the state and the union. “The claim that winning a few seats gives someone the right to go against the constitutional scheme is fraught with serious dangers and the BJP leadership should make Dr Singh understand that fundamental fact” said Mehbooba.

Mehbooba said it was a very positive note that the Modi had begun his tenure on by reaching out to neighbours including Pakistan and reiterating his commitment to Vajpayee’s policies on Kashmir. But, utterances from loose cannons from the party could prove disruptive to the entire effort, Mehbooba said.

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