Mehbooba appeals religious scholars to lead society, show right path to get out of difficult issues



Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday appealed religious scholars, Imams and custodians of shrines to lead the society in getting it out of the difficult issues by showing the right path as they have been ordained.

Addressing a gathering of Imams, religious scholars and executives of J&K Muslim Wakf Board here after launching the plantation drive, the Chief Minister said Islam is a religion of peace which laid down guidelines not for Muslims alone but for entire humanity and even for flora and fauna. She said Islam has laid ample emphasis on seeking knowledge and the Ulma should spread this message so that Muslim community is able to get itself out of the difficulties it has been in for quite a time, the spokesman in a statement said.

Quoting several verses from the Holy Quran, Mehbooba Mufti appealed the Imams and Ulma to come forward and help the younger generation by showing them the right path as enshrined in the Holy Book and the teachings of the Prophet of Mercy(SAW). She said, unfortunately, Muslim Ummah around the world has been caught in a web of violence and it is the utmost responsibility of the religious scholars to help the society from getting drifted on a wrong track. She appealed them to teach and guide people on the issues plaguing the society like dowry deaths, harassment of women and other issues of Haquq ul Ibaad.

Terming Wakf Board as a community institution rather than an affiliate of any political party or group, the Chief Minister said she intends to develop the Board on most modern lines with the use of technology. She said many projects of massive community help are under consideration of Wakf Board which she hoped would be of great help to humanity.

The Chief Minister sought support from people in retrieving the Wakf properties from encroachments and putting them to proper community use. She said if the assets of the Muslim Wakf Board are properly maintained it can generate enough resources to fund many big community welfare initiatives. She reminded the audience that it was the then Government in 2005 which carved out two universities and a nursing college out of the Wakf resources which have now prospered as leading institutions in the State.

Mehbooba Mufti said that having herself been raised in the family of preachers and Ulema, she is well aware of the respect and command they ought to have in the society.  She said the loss of respect for the religious scholars in the society has led to societal decay and erosion of social values in the system.


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