Mehbooba Asks People To Take Cue From Pak Voters On How To Bring About Change

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Asking people of Jammu and Kashmir to take cue from Pakistani voters who overwhelmingly participated in recent elections despite threats and intimidation, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti today said that despite all odds Pakistani public showed the resolve to bring about a change through democratic means.

“I foresee the state’s people in general and the youth in particular leading the similar movement for change in Jammu & Kashmir during 2014 political battles to take the functionaries of the present dispensation to task not only for their actions but inaction as well,” Mehbooba said while addressing a PDP workers’ convention in Khansahab Bugam today.

As per a statement Mehbooba has termed the present dispensation as the biggest misfortune for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. She has said, “The present government has only brought political chaos, rampant corruption, administrative anarchy and denial of human rights to the state without making any positive contribution on political or developmental fronts.”

The PDP president has said, “Hallmarks of this government are a wayward political conduct, ineptitude, corruption, strong arm methods, collapse of administration and institutional degradation.” She has said it was not only the constituencies represented by opposition that the government was victimizing in respect of development but the governance crisis was taking a toll in all areas and regions of the State. “All major projects and schemes started by the previous coalition government have been shelved or become a victim of inefficiency, red tape and corruption,” she said.

Referring to the path breaking connectivity plan that the PDP led government had launched to connect different regions and upgrade existing road links Mehbooba has said nothing was done to carry it forward. “This government considers patch work and blacktopping of small stretches of roads as the ultimate infrastructure development and makes lot of noise about the same”, she said and pointed out that the modern concepts of development to boost economic activity were unknown to the present dispensation. While in the villages the schemes like MNREGA were being misused to fill the pockets of politicians and their favourites in urban areas the massive schemes like JNNURM were implemented at a snail’s pace.

Underlining the fact that there was a lack of political direction at the top level of the government Mehbooba has said everybody seems to be interested in local matters and personal comforts only without taking an overview of how the state should develop in an era of competition and high expectations. “While the government gives publicity to the funds received from government of India as a great achievement, its effect on the ground is totally invisible. The unemployment is rising at an alarming rate and the government response is restricted to appointment of a few favourites through backdoor. Nepotism and corruption in appointments and recruitment which were almost finished by my government are back as a norm”, she said.

Mehbooba has also said that there is nothing wrong with the administration or government employees most of whom are dedicated, efficient and honest. “We had been able to perform much better with the same administration produced visible results but the present government has failed to tap this important human resources in an appropriate manner”, she said and added that the present collapse was a result of the inability of political leadership to give a direction to administration and ensure accountability and transparency.


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