Mehbooba, Imran Ansari Visit Flood Affected Areas Of Pattan

KL Report


Expressing serious concern over government’s dismal performance in mitigating the sufferings of people caused due to September’s devastating floods, Peoples’ Democratic Party President Mehbooba Mufti Sunday said the ruling National Conference government has  miserably failed on every front to put the  flood affected areas of state back on gear.

According to the statement issued to KNS, addressing people in in North Kashmir Pattan constituency along with party’s nominated candidate Molvi Imran Raza Ansari, the PDP president Mehbooba remarked that despite the arrival of Moharram month, government continues to remain in slumber with regard to preparations in flood affected areas with the flood affected Moharram routes in pathetic conditions and the Imambadas of Pattan that were inundated due to floods, left unattended by the state dispensation.

Mehbooba stressed that the unfair distribution of the relief has turned out to be another misery for the already perturbed people as the undeserving People continue to plunder while as the deserving ones are left at the mercy of the situation sans any help. She was informed that people who suffered heavy damage have not been compensated whileas the compensation has been given to the people whose houses have suffered no damage at all. She said that all this has been done along the party lines in order to revive the fortunes of NC, Congress parties.

Castigating the state dispensation over causing serious scarcity of ration in the flood ravaged areas, Mehbooba stated that ration depots are locked and people are left to starve along with their families. She added that the government claims of free ration to the victims turned out to be a hoax in the end as the people are denied even the paid ration facility. “Instead of listening to the peoples’ woes, this government has multiplied them through its partial and biased approach adopted during the relief distribution. What victims observe on ground is the absence of the state machinery. This anarchic approach must end so that the agonized people of JK could have a sigh of relief from this turbulent regime,” Mehbooba said while addressing people in Pattan.

The PDP president also stressed that the massive loss witnessed in crop cultivation in Pattan and rural areas must be addressed on humanitarian grounds as the impact of loss would continue till the next year’s harvest- therefore a comprehensive plan must be implemented for the appropriate compensation to the affected. She also stated that the damage caused in the horticulture sector of the region merits greatest concern and the inaction of the government in drafting a proper plan is disturbing the flood aftermath situation every day after.  She added further that NC wanted more time in order to strengthen the process of looting the relief material as the party was doing everything except proving relief to the flood victims. “They wanted more time as they said that relief and rehabilitation measures should not be affected. It is a known fact that NC, Congress itself destroyed the process of relief distribution. They stole ration, blankets, tents, ordered illegal appointments and transfers. They were doing everything since floods hit valley except the relief and rehabilitation activities,” she said.

Interacting with people at different places of Pattan, the party candidate Molvi Imran Raza Ansari urged people not to forget the numerous miseries caused to them by the national conference, congress government. He stressed that people must contain this anger so as to channelize it while taking part in the democratic process. He said that despite the arrival of the holy month of Muharram, the government is non- existent and absent on ground with the routes wherefrom Ashura processions could be carried remain affected due to the recent floods. He also stated that the government did not even bother to drain out the flood waters from scores of areas of Pattan where people still face tough time to move out of their places.

Ansari also maintained that large quantities of ration, blankets and other relief material was stolen by the Ruling party workers in the flood ravaged areas under government’s protection- caring little about the hardships of the victims. He said that people have been forced to spend days and nights under open sky and the absence of shelters becomes a worrisome entity that too at a time when temperatures are descending to zero degree.

In their interaction with peoples in this north Kashmir’s region, the PDP leadership was appraised by the masses about the biased approach adopted by the government during the distribution of the relief. People stated that not even a single government representative bothered to listen to the woes of flood victims while as NC and other ruling party workers were accorded lion’s share of relief despite being undeserving ones for the same.


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