Huriyat (M) Submits Memorandum At Million March

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Huriyat Conference (M) led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Sunday submitted a memorandum asking for the early Kashmir resolution and extended support to the Million March held in London.

The memorandum reads that sixty Seven years ago on 26th October 1947 India clandestinely managed  accession of Jammu and Kashmir and landed its troops, complety against the will of the people, in the state and thus started the occupation of this beautiful land and its people.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir right from  day one resisted this forced and illegal occupation by India and in the last Sixty Seven years have suffered immensely and given great sacrifices to come out of the yoke of this occupation. India on its part used  all forms of  repression  to break the will of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and make them give up their demand of exercise of the right of self determination,as granted by the UN. However, sixty seven years of occupation and coercion has only steeled the will of the people.

Huriyat (M) said that it right from its inception in 1993 has been leading the peoples movement from the front and striving for the resolution of Kashmir dispute in accordance with their rights and wishes.

It stated that Huriyat (M) is making all efforts to put the Kashmir dispute in its right perspective before the world and seek a lasting and just resolution, however the callous attitude of the Government of India and its stubborn stand of keeping on its occupation over Kashmir has thwarted all efforts in this direction. The callousness and inhumanity of the Indian regime can well be  imagined by the fact that it did not allow any country or international aid organisation to help the victims of the ravaging floods that hit kashmir in september 2014 We must not forget that kashmir is one of the main and first issues raised in the United Nations. The resolution of Kashmir dispute is thus a challenge for United Nations, and for the entire international community; indeed for all those nations who believe in the right of self determination and the rights of the people.

In recent times people were given an opportunity to exercise their choice to decide about their future in Scot land, East Timor and Southern Sudan where people decided about their future with full freedom and without any coercion or intimidation. The international community and the responsible leadership of the respective countries played a pivotal role to achieve this objective. The people of Kashmir, however has been denied this opportunity to decide about their future. Kashmiri diaspora right from 1947 has remained strong supporter of the movement of kashmiris and the efforts of All Parties Hurriyat Conference to secure the right of self determination for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It has also done a commendable job of exposing the grave human rights violations perpetrated against the unarmed civilian population of kashmir by the Indian authorities and their puppet regimes in kashmir.

“On 26 October 2014 when sixty seven years of occupation of kashmir by India are going to complete, kashmiri diaspora under the leadership of Barrister Sultan Mehmood has organised a million march from all across the Europe to attract the attention of the European Nations and rest of the international community towards the need to address and resolve the long pending dispute of kashmir which is the main cause of concern and confrontatioin the South Asia and which also has become a nuclear flash point posing threat of a nuclear clash in the region. The march is also with the purpose to make the world aware of the gross suppression of the human rights violations being committed in kashmir by Indian Forces. The All Parties Hurriyat Conference appreciates and respects and fully supports this effort of kashmir diaspora in Britain and entire Europe,” reads the memorandum.

It states further that Huriyat (M) along with the kashmiri diaspora on this occasion once again through this memorandum remind the government and leadership of Britain and European Union of their role and responsibility towards the people of Kashmir and the resolution of the long pending dispute of kashmir.

We hope as in Scotland, East Timor and Southern Sudan, the people of Jammu and Kashmir with your support and the support of  nations of the world will help secure their right of self determination for the people of J&K and let them decide their future according to their own free will.


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