Private Schools Grant Mass Promotion To Students upto Class 7th

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In a major relief to lakhs of students the Coordination Committee  of Private Schools Associations (CCPSA) has decided to unanimously grant mass promotion to all of its students studying up to class 7th in view of recent floods.

The committee came to the decision after conclusion of a daylong meeting of representatives of private schools, businessmen, teachers, parents and other stake holders of the society. At the end of the session the committee passed a resolution that among other things granted mass promotion to students with immediate effect.

“There is a great deal of apprehension among students and parents regarding the future as nobody knows what will happen next. On the insistence of parents and after thorough deliberation all the schools of valley have decided to give mass promotion to the students right from “Nursery to 7th Class” based on previous performance/term-end achievements to classify under-average, average and above-average students,” said Dr Mushtaq Ahmad, Central Coordinator PSCC.  “This will give a direction to the entire education sector. Now students and teachers know where to start and what to read.”

After completing all formalities, the promoted students would start their next classes by November 01, 2014 in their respective schools.

The participants at the conference came down heavily on government for almost destroying the education sector with their ill plans. “They announced the temporary March session that is threatening two years of our students and incase they don’t make March examinations a permanent feature then they should expect violation of these unjustified rules from us,” said Abdul Qayoom Wani chairman Jammu and Kashmir Teachers Forum and president Employees Joint Action Committee. “The March session suits our students as it would make them more equipped to compete not only at national level but also at global levels.”

Wani appealed the civil society to come forward and save the education sector from vested interests who want to make it a political fodder.

Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) President, Showkat Chowdhary also slammed the government for lack of vision in developing education sector. “It seems our education system has been hijacked by few schools and government works on their whims, but all this needs to be changed,” said Choudhary. “The schools need to get united for the betterment of society as our future generation is handled by them.”

Choudhary said that Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) has is already in touch with government for compensating the schools that were damaged due to floods.  “Be it rehabilitation or review of their March Examination policy we are in touch with them and we won’t rest till the issues are resolved,” said Choudhary.

Member Bar association Advocate G N Shaheen also spoke on the occasion and termed the currently government education policy as flawed, “which needs a thorough review.”

At the end of the conference Dr Mushtaq presented a resolution, which was passed unanimously. The representatives said that the decision about mass promotion would be implemented with immediate effect and the new classes would start from November Ist. “We will be right away preparing for the new session and we would complete all formalities on a fast track basis so that new classes start from November 01, 2014,” said Mushtaq. The committee said that the decision is a legal one and completely in their rights.

The committee has asked all private schools to promote the students in their respective institutes. “The participating schools agreed in the meeting about the resolution and those who couldn’t participate have been informed about the decision,” said G N Var, general secretary Private Schools United Front. “Today we have managed to solve 50 percent of the crisis situation that was plaguing the educations sector. Hope we will figure out ways to solve remaining issues too.” 


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