Mehbooba Mufti Has ‘Talibani Mindset’, Says JK BJP Chief

SRINAGAR: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Ravinder Raina on Tuesday slammed PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti for questioning anger against Kashmiris for celebrating Pakistan’s win against India in Sunday’s T20 World Cup match, and said that she has a “Talibani mindset”.

He further accused Mufti of “committing a sin” by extending her support to Pakistan.

His remarks come after Mufti voiced out her support for Kashmiri students who were beaten up by a group of students in Sangrur, Punjab following India’s T20 World Cup clash with Pakistan.

Quoting Raina news agency ANI reported that “Mehbooba Mufti has a Talibani mindset and she has committed a sin by extending her support to Pakistan, our enemy. Some people live in India, eat in India but their hearts beat for Pakistan. She should answer this. Anyone conspiring against India will be crushed and bulldozed.”

Mufti today tweeted, “HMs Mann ki baat with Kashmiri youth started with slapping UAPA against medical students for celebrating Pakistan’s win. Instead of trying to ascertain why educated youth choose to identify with Pakistan, GOI resorting to vindictive actions. Such steps will alienate them further.”

She had earlier in a tweet said, “Why such anger against Kashmiris for celebrating Pak’s win? Some are even chanting murderous slogans- desh ke gadaaron ko goli maaro/calling to shoot traitors. One has not forgotten how many celebrated by distributing sweets when J&K was dismembered & stripped of special status.”

Earlier, Kashmiri students at an engineering college in Punjab’s Sangrur were attacked by a group of students following the India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match on Sunday.

Following the victory of Pakistan over India in yesterday’s T20 World Cup match, a few students of the college, reportedly from Uttar Pradesh, went on a rampage and damaged the hostel rooms of the Kashmiri students. The video of the scuffle went viral on social media platforms.


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