Mehbooba Mufti

It seems history has come in way of Mehbooba Mufti’s memory. Like father, it didn’t take forces much time to open her kill account. For the daughter who was baptised in politics by her father, even the legacy seems trailing behind.

The moment her father became India’s first Muslim Home Minister, the edgy situation in valley literally put him to task. In ensuing events, even his daughter became part of Kashmir’s rising rebel. What Mufti did as HM might not make him the favourable politician. Now when the first blood of her regime has been spilled by the law-protected barrels, it would be interesting to see: whether or not, the daughter does not go the papa’s way.

Already she embraced the power after a much-touted public posturing. During the two-month long pause over government formation, she even named people her power, and not the throne.

Now, what is known is the fact that uneasy lies in the head that wears the crown. By staring at the emerging situation, she must be getting the gist of the aphorism.

But proverbial meanings apart, the way Mehbooba has handled the first bloodbath of her CMship set many tongues wagging. By blocking the internet, many only concluded that she followed the script of her political nemesis: Omar Abdullah. Like Abdullah Jr, Mufti Jr also stuck to the politics of confinement. Already the move has drawn lot of flak around with people questioning the sagacity of Fairview’s new chief.

Also, the latest killings had put Lady Mufti’s politics to acid test. Her detractors in particular and people in general were anticipating the coming of the old Mehbooba, who made her father relevant to Kashmir by frequently turning up for the mourning houses across Kashmir. That Mehbooba was absent from the scene. Maybe, as her supporters argue, the power has its own priorities. But when somebody terms people as her power, then one tends to expect a bit more.

– Riyaz ul Khaliq


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