SRINAGAR: The recent road accident involving former Chief Minister and PDP president Mehbooba Mufti has cast a spotlight on significant security lapses, raising concerns about the safety of prominent leaders in the region.

Expressing deep concern, PDP General Secretary and senior leader Mehboob Beg criticised the inadequate management of the Z Plus protected (EX-CM) convoy during the incident. “The absence of detailed security protocols for a Z+protected individual travelling on a busy highway with a history of targeted attacks. Against the backdrop of Kashmir’s turbulent history and the vulnerability of mainstream leaders, any compromise in security measures is a matter of grave concern,” Beg said.

Beg also drew attention to the delayed arrangement of an alternative car from Srinagar, which took an hour to materialise.

He highlighted a serious lapse in preparedness, pointing out that Z+ security protocols usually include an optional car in the escort. “A compromised security detail for a former chief minister not only endangers individual safety but also raises questions about the broader commitment to ensuring the security and stability of the region,” he added.

“These lapses demand immediate attention and clarification from the authorities to ensure the safety and security of our public leaders,” insisted Beg. “The absence of a police statement on the matter further intensifies concerns, emphasising the need for transparency and accountability in addressing these security lapses.”

Beg urged authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the lapses, ensuring that any shortcomings are promptly addressed to prevent the recurrence of such incidents and uphold the safety of political leaders in the region.


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