Mehbooba plays a ‘faithful puppet’: Geelani


Syed Ali Geelani on Saturday blamed Mehbooba Mufti for following Gobles, saying she is playing as faithful puppet and stooge for her masters in New Delhi.

The spokesman said Mehbooba represents army and she is repeatedly telling lies to hoodwink world opinion, blamed Geelani, saying she for the lust of chair is distorting facts and following Gobles theory. She believes that parroting about false assertions and concocted theories, people will eventually come to believe it,’’ Geelani said.

She is undoubtedly wrong and no one takes her seriously, saying that she is being paid for her slave thinking, added Geelani. Reacting to her statement wherein she has said that AFSPA won’t go, Syed Ali Geelani said, she stands exposed, saying her rhetoric about revocation of AFSPA proved just a stunt and added that it is quite strange to justify forces for their wrongdoings and approve their most inhuman actions against civilians as they proved most brutal and undisciplined, claimed Geelani.

Referring to recent innocent killings in Ganowpora Shopian, Syed Ali Geelani said this vindicates our claim and added that it is quite strange that despite the cold-blooded murder of five civilians, she is repeatedly praising and pleading her forces being as most disciplined. It was ironical to see Mehbooba Mufti praising forces as the saviours of Jammu and Kashmir, said Geelani.

Lashing at Mehbooba Mufti for her obstinate and scarring statement, Syed Ali Geelani expressed anguish and said that lust for power turns these politicians as opportunistic, saying they don’t even feel ashamed of their false statements, deceit and deception.

They are turncoats, said Geelani and added that during election campaign these pro-Indian turncoats pretend to be people friendly and soon they get to power corridors they forget what they have pledged and turn their guns towards these innocent voters.

Commenting on the prevailing horrendous situations in the state, Syed Ali Geelani blamed government forces, saying they are virtually engaged in genocide and declared war on unarmed civilians.

It is ridiculous to blame civilians for uncertainty, saying since past seven decades the government forces are involved in the killing, loot, plunder, torture, molestations and vandalising properties, Geelani said.


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