Mehbooba Seeks LG’s Intervention In Stopping PDP Leaders Removal From Govt Quarters

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir People Democratic Party (PDP) President, Mehbooba Mufti has sought LG Manoj Sinha’s intervention in stopping the removal of PDP legislators from government allotted accommodation in Srinagar.

Mehbooba has shot a letter to Sinha and expressed her concern over the “selective targeting” of PDP leaders and former MLAs by asking them to vacate govt accommodation and threatened their life.

In a letter to Lt Governor, a copy of which lies with news agency KDC Mehbooba said: “I am deeply concerned by how the administration is selectively targeting PDP leaders and ex MLA’s at a time when militancy is on the rise yet again, they have been made to vacate their official residences in Srinagar without providing any alternate accommodations.”

“What makes matters worse is that even after their repeated requests to grant them security in villages where they originally reside; these requests have been declined for reasons best known to you. The state administration has cited the presence of militants for their refusal to provide security. But the same administration has no qualms in evicting them for secure government accommodations in Srinagar and deliberately putting them in harm’s way.”

“It’s no secret that in recent times we have witnessed how elected representatives have been targeted and even killed since they are soft targets especially when they are not provided with adequate security. Let me also bring to your notice that the former MLA from PDP Zahoor Ahmad Mir has been a victim of militancy himself. His father was shot dead by militants.”

“In such circumstances, I find it surprising and extremely distressing that while on one hand there is a section of new politicians who are given all kinds of facilities including security, their movement throughout J&K. But on the other hand, members of PDP are treated with utter disdain and contempt. It’s almost as if the administration is intentionally putting their lives at risk.”

“I would like to place it on record that if anything untoward happens to any of my party men, I will hold this administration responsible and hope that you will intervene and take corrective steps immediately,” the letter added.



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