Mehbooba Urges Youth To Lead Movement For Change In 2014

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Urging the state’s youth to lead the movement for change in 2014, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti said that people suffered immensely under the present ‘anarchist dispensation that has become a symbol of repression, political chaos, mis-governance, rampant corruption, administrative anarchy and denial of justice.’

Addressing PDP workers convention, organized in connection the party’s Foundation Day celebrations, here, Mehbooba said, “I foresee the State’s people in general and the youth in particular leading the movement for change in Jammu & Kashmir during 2014 political battles to take the functionaries of the present dispensation to task not only for their actions but inaction as well.”

Terming the present dispensation as the biggest misfortune for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, she said, “The present government has only brought political chaos, rampant corruption, administrative anarchy and denial of human rights to the state without making any positive contribution on political or developmental fronts.”

Referring to the path-breaking political and developmental initiatives especially the connectivity plan that the PDP led government had launched to connect different regions Mehbooba said, unfortunately, nothing was done by the present dispensation to carry forward those momentous initiatives.

“While on political front a constructive dialogue process was started by the then NDA government led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee both with Pakistan and Hurriyat Conference to address the external and internal dimensions of the Kashmir issue, on the developmental front momentous initiatives were taken by the then PDP-led government to boost the economic activity in the state,” she said and added that due to the myopic vision of the leaders of present dispensation the fruits of all those initiatives seem to be going down the drain. “With the result a gloomy era of alienation, cynicism and despair seems to be again making its inroads into the state which could manifest in dangerous consequences,” she said.

The PDP president said hallmarks of this government are a ‘wayward political conduct, ineptitude, corruption, strong arm methods, collapse of administration and institutional degradation.’ She claimed even the constituency like Ganderbal represented by the Chief Minister himself has been a victim of mis-governance as nothing tangible has been done in this constituency during the past five years.

Underlining the fact that there was a lack of political direction at the top level of the government, Mehbooba said everybody seems to be interested in personal comforts only without taking an overview of how the state should develop in an era of competition and high expectations. She said in future elections people will have a clear choice and would not suffer for lack of options as in the past.



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