Mehjoor Nagar & Umar Colony Lal Bazar Faces Acute Shortage Of Water

KL Report


The Gulshan Abad Colony, Mehjoor Nagar  and Umar colony, Lal Bazar is reeling under acute water shortage from the last many days.

The residents said there was acute water shortage in the area adding that authorities had failed to come to their rescue. They appealed the Divisional Commissioner Shailendra Kumar to look into the matter.

“There is even no water supply during night hours, when the people would normally store water for daytime”, Abdul Rashid Bhat, a resident of the area of Mehjoor Nagar told CNS.

While talking to Kashmir Life a resident of Umar Colony alleged that water scarcity has affected the area badly.

The residents have demanded immediate solution  to the problem, failing which they threatened to come on Roads.


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