Mess(ed) Up KU Hostel

With an agenda of making officials aware of their responsibilities, a few students in University of Kashmir raise some important issues concerning their health. In an open letter, Kashmir Life reproduces the grim picture of a Hostel Mess in the highest seat of learning in valley

MA Boys Hostel.
MA Boys Hostel.

Universities are supposed to set highest bench marks and serve as a rallying point for all educational institutions at large. It is not just the curriculum or the quality of research, which no doubt are of paramount importance but also the way these try to nurture students or mould their behaviour for generations. In this regard, the student friendly environment, where in students can utilize their full potential should be the prime concern ideally and redressal of their queries and concerns is vital for the overall development and long term prospectus of the universities.

After presenting the brief sketch of the university, let’s try the same yardstick and analyse an aspect of our university –“Kashmir University” towards grievance redressal.

Leaving other issues at bay for some other conscious students to rise up to the occasion, we would like to mention our experience as a hosteller in one of its oldest hostels – ‘The M A Boys Hostel’ and its long list of complaints about the mismanagement of the hostel mess.


Ever since we joined the hostel, this has been the most outstanding issue among others but seems to be getting no serious attention. This issue has “drastically affected” health of the hostellers. Not a single day passes when students from this hostel do not approach the University Health Centre, a fact which can be ascertained from the records of the facility.

Inside the dining hall, one can find it to be congested that hostellers can be seen struggling to get a place. Besides that, it largely remains unhygienic and the sewage from the upper storey washrooms leaks directly into the mess through the ceiling, leaving students vulnerable to serious health issues.

Although, another dining hall has been constructed and it is fit to use but has been “waiting for the inauguration”.

So, we hope that University of Kashmir authorities wake up from the deep slumber and take this issue seriously which has far reaching consequences towards the well-being of hostellers and student community at large.

(Note: The students wished to remain anonymous for the obvious reasons.)


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