MHA directs J&K admin to work on cultural policy


The Ministry of Home Affairs has directed the Secretary, Culture, J&K, to take appropriate action for the establishment of a regional cinema and a cultural policy for the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, reported The Tribune.

According to the report, in a petition dated February 23, 2019, filed by Ramesh Chib, he had sought the establishment of a regional cinema and a cultural policy for J&K. The MHA, in its reply dated February 4, 2020, has directed the Secretary to take suitable action. Chib, who is the president of the Bhartiya Kala Sangam, said he and his NGO along with other artists of J&K had been pursuing the case with many departments in the erstwhile state and at the Centre. He said the recent MHA direction to the UT had kindled hope. “It is unfortunate that no attention was paid to the regional cinema and other cultural pursuits of Jammu and Kashmir, which has a rich and diverse cultural heritage. The lack of cultural policy has discouraged cultural organisations, producers, directors, writers and artists, who are dedicated to the promotion and development of the local talent and culture,” The Tribune quoted Chib as having said.

In the petition, Chib had demanded setting up of a regional cinema in J&K on the analogy of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, where the government provided a subsidy for the promotion of films and theatre which reflected the local ethos, reported The Tribune.


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