MHA report: Stage being prepared for more bloodshed, says Hurriyat (g)

SRINAGAR: Blaming J&K state administration for “playing mischief”, Hurriyat Conference (G) on Monday condemned unabated arrests of youth during night raids.

Demanding immediate release of those arrested by police and forces, the Hurriyat Conference said, “administration is hell-bent to make situation explosive and for this they are trying to create disturbances & uncertainty in State.”

Hurriyat Conference (g) while referring to the statement of Army chief, recent arrests and rumours about unrest, it said, “India and its agencies are preparing stage for one more bloodshed in this year. State authorities are denying any political space and people are not allowed to raise their genuine voices.”

While referring to the “sinister designs” adopted by India and its agencies, the Hurriyat Conference said, “they are deliberately creating disturbances in state and are hell-bent to cripple our economy so that people won’t pursue their freedom movement.”

Terming it “Doval Doctrine”, Hurriyat Conference (g) said, “this is being implemented after a signal and due approval from Indian home ministry.”

Commenting over this, it said, “accordingly in future they will arrest more and more youth, implicate Hurriyat Conference (g) leaders in false and fabricated cases, put undue curbs and restrictions on media and they are looking to control Masajids and religious schools through their favourite and blue eyed religious clerics.”

“Their strategy is to launch their feverish designs from the onset of upcoming summer and soon after the winter season is over. They intend to spread rumours, create harassment by employing more harsh measures through their forces and agencies and this way they are expecting reaction & resentment from people. They just want to justify the policy of killings, maiming and snatching eyesight from innocents and disturbance in business through their deceitful tactics and provoke people,” said the Hurriyat Conference.

“Delhi and its henchmen are disturbed and anxious about freedom sentiments and persistence of people and moreover they are observing that despite the havoc and destruction created by deluge in 2014, their resolve for freedom still persists. These agencies feel that despite all these disturbances, their business has stabilised and is improving further,” said Hurriyat Conference (g).

“In the giving situations,” the statement further said, “Indian agencies have formulated short and long term policies to destabilize our economy.” “As per this strategy, and at first stage they have started to spread malicious, unauthorized news and rumours and it is followed by arresting youth from every corner of state.”

Hurriyat Conference (g) said that people in Jammu & Kashmir are striving for right to self-determination and “resenting the forced occupation of State by India”. “We have presented unparalleled sacrifices for our birth right and we are duty bound to safeguard these cherished sacrifices.”

Commenting over the policies framed by Indian policy makers, Hurriyat Conference (g) added, “they want to drag us in an arena of their choice and it is the need of hour to remain cautious and understand their devilish game”

Urging people to understand “follies being played by India and its agencies”, the Hurriyat Conference said, “accepted and recognized leadership is leading the freedom movement and they are visionary and competent enough to devise the strategy with regards to movement.”

“We believe that pro-Indian politicians and parties are power thirsty and are big hurdle in peaceful and lasting solution of Kashmir issue. It is desirable for our nation to maintain distance from these and never lend their vote and support. In such case India can never mislead world community and it will be difficult to justify its illegal occupation over state,” said Geelani led Hurriyat Conference.

Hurriyat Conference (g) in its appeal to people stressed to ignore “these rumours and follow only the program issued by resistance leadership”.

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