Micheal Steiner Responsible For Loss Of Lives In Kashmir: ANC

KL Report


“The German Ambassador to India Micheal Steiner  should be recalled by his government, as he is also one the parties responsible for the loss of five innocent lives in Kashmir during and after hosting of the extravagant concert of Zubin Mehta against the wishes of the overwhelming  majority of the residents of Kashmir,” ANC Senior Vice President  Muzzafar Shah said Monday while expressing deepest sorrow and shock over the killing of youths in Shopian by CRPF personnel, showing no sanctity for life.

As per a statement issued to a local news agency, KNS, Shah said, “Instead of offering peace to Kashmir, as claimed by the organizers of the event, it brought immense and renewed miseries to the strife torn people of Kashmir, the scar of which they will carry lifelong.   Zubin Mehta, with due respects to him, will never ever perform on the soil of Kashmir again.”

Shah further stated that the German Ambassador, the State and Centre authorities knew the situation on the ground was negative for holding such an event. “Totally dependent on the barrel of the gun and showing utter disrespect to the sentiments of the people, these gentlemen still went ahead displaying total arrogance and held this show,” he added.

Shah further revealed that ANC is going to take up this matter with the German Chancellor through official Channels available and also through social networking facilities demanding recall of the ambassador, whose actions along with the state authorities culminated   in the loss of five human lives and further added misery to the people of Kashmir. The J&K Chief Minister and the Central authorizes stand in the same dock, responsible for the mayhem their action have perpetrated on their own people, he said.

The ANC Senior Vice President further stated that those selected invitees, in particular the locals should ponder and ask themselves, “How did their conscience allow them to attend the show when 1.5 million of their brethren  were kept indoors on gun point.”

 Shah has also demanded for the removal of the armed forces special powers act immediately. He further stated that government enquiries and probes instituted for such heart breaking incidents have never yielded any results. A special trial courts should be constituted with sitting high court judge to take up such cases on fast track trials to give justice.


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