Militancy could change nothing on ground: Omar

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Maintaining that “militancy and violence has changed not an iota on political spectrum of Jammu and Kashmir but resorted to miseries, economic disaster and blood-shed”, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Thursday said that deserting their homeland in 1990’s by National Conference leadership was not due to any fear or weakness but with the contention that the then emerging separatists leadership may make any dent vis-à-vis resolving vexed Kashmir issue.

“But the result is before you. They have not been able to deliver anything other than creating bloodshed and bundles of difficulties for people. Their claim of changing the system and the flag of the State proved totally a failure and they were not able to remove even a bunker from the State not to talk of changing the system. Now, they are talking of scarcity of electricity and construction of infrastructure”, he said adding “development aspects and improvement in electricity will not come from across the border or by talking to Sartaj Aziz of Pakistan.”

“It will come when you become the part of system and handle the affairs of the State in a democratic way”, he told the separatists adding “duplicity is always dangerous tactics.”

“I have always talked for the need of talks and will continue to bat for the same to create conducive atmosphere for addressing political issues of Jammu and Kashmir politically”, he said.

Addressing a public gathering at Tral in Pulwama District of South Kashmir this afternoon, the Chief Minister said that some elements tried their best to fail the holding of this public meeting by resorting to firing and creating fear psychosis in the minds of people. “I salute your bravery that you have come out despite lot of pressure and threats and made the function a success”, he told the gathering and showered praises over them for attending the public meeting and not succumbing to fear.

“You are asking me to bring Tral on the tourist map of the country and rope in high-end tourists to Shikargah and other famous resorts in this area for the economic welfare of the people, but I have to first remove the fear from Tral before asking tourists to come here”, he said and referred to the pressure and fear imposed on people for not attending the public meeting.

Omar Abdullah said that violence has no place in resolving issues. He said that violence only adds difficulties in finding solution to the problems. “You have witnessed a saga of fear and bloodshed in 25 years. It has only damaged us and insulted the injuries. Violence has not even transferred an inch of land from this side to that side but gave tears to every household in the State. It converted our playfields into graveyards and happy homes into mourning dens”, he said and asked the people if his view point and agenda of resolving political issues in a political process through sustained dialogue with all stakeholders is incorrect then what is the way forward? “Tell me what is the solution other than talking across the table in a peaceful and amicable atmosphere,” he questioned the separatists.

 “We can’t blame Delhi or Islamabad for our miseries because we are ourselves responsible for all the wrong”, he said and also referred to the unearthing of malpractice by the head of BOPEE and others in medical entrance examination. “When our own officers would stoop so low for money and mar the rights of genuine and qualified youth who could we blame”, he said and asserted that his government has unearthed the scam of its own initiative and would hand-over the severe punishment to the culprits as per the provisions of law.

The Chief Minister said that the venomous and hateful attitude of PDP against National Conference has made this party not to establish working relationship with the Government despite our attempts. “We wanted them to be in relation with Government for seeking welfare of the people and the State to resolve day-to-day difficulties of people on various development fronts but the hate PDP possesses against NC restricts it to move in this direction”, he said.


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