Militant Killings: ‘Key to Solve Kashmir Dispute lies with India,’ says Hurriyat (g)



Paying rich and glowing tributes to the militants who died in J&K EDI gunfight, All Parties Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani Tuesday said that the “level of affiliation and the affection which the local people showed with the Mujahideen fighting with the Indian occupational forces was amazing and it also proves that the Kashmiri brave hearts struggling for the freedom for Kashmir have nothing to do with the terrorism and they are sacrificing their precious lives for the dignity and freedom of their nation”.

“There is a clear and big difference between the terrorist and the freedom fighter where the former is against and kills the common people while as the other give up his life for the people,” a statement issued by the Hurriyat amalgam said this evening, “the human life relating to any religion, ideology or any community is important and highly respectable in Islam and its protection has been termed as priority but the state of Jammu & Kashmir is witnessing worst kind of bloodshed on daily bases for which India is directly responsible in every way. They want to forcibly hold the Jammu & Kashmir with it for which it has deployed more than 7.5 lakh army and thousands of other paramilitary forces here who use every oppressive tactic to suppress the common people here.”

“The Kashmiri youth who are active in the armed struggle against Indian forces is a natural reaction of the forced occupation and the rigidity of India. Hadn’t India forcibly snatched the freedom rights of the Kashmiri people, our youths wouldn’t have agreed to sacrifice their lives. The key of the resolution of Kashmir and establishment of peace in the region lies only and only with Indian rulers. Once they will agree to accept the ground realities instead of pursuing their failed Kashmir policies, the prevailing political uncertainty and the instability in the region will immediately show a diminishing trend,” the statement said. “The people from the both the sides get killed in the gunfights but denying the bodies of the guerrillas to the people for their last rites is the clear violation of the human rights and the moral values and it also negates the international war laws. Any person can lose his life in a face to face war so the opponent is morally bound to respect the dead body. It has been the trade mark of the brave people but the Indian forces don’t know this thing.”


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